How it works with Payment

Squarespace Point of Sale

Our Squarespace integration allows you to collect payments in person using your same Stripe account.

Step 1

Download the app

Download FREE Payment app for your device platform.

Step 2

Setup products & inventory

You can sell all of your predefined products with Stripe, right from the app. Inventory will be updated and everything is kept in sync. Take your online business on the road!

Setting up products guide
Step 3

Charge Customers

Payment was designed to fit into your existing Stripe workflows, with any current or future Stripe partner.

Same Account

Your Stripe payments will funnel directly through the account you have with Squarespace.

Card Readers

Extend your integration with a point of sale card reader with a seamless, PCI compliant Stripe Terminal integration.

Order Card Reader
No Monthly Fees

That means more money in your pocket every month. The thing in your back pocket? A way to charge customers.

Your business operates primarily online with Squarespace

But sometimes it needs to be offline. Payment is the no-hassle, no commitment way to make that happen.

No need for a new merchant account

Get started with Stripe in just a few minutes. Already use Stripe? Everything works together seamlessly.

Built-in fraud detection

Superior fraud detection comes as a standard feature. Verify with a CVC check, billing zip code or both. Learn more about fraud

PCI Compliant

Not only do we not store any payment information, our card readers can't be read or decrypted by us or you.

Automatic deposits from Stripe

Automatic transfers makes sure that you get your money as quickly as possible. No balance to monitor like PayPal.

No monthly fees

Whether you're using a card reader, camera scanner or typing manually, you'll never be locked into a monthly subscription.

No setup fees

Create a free account with Stripe and you're ready to go. Never make a charge? You'll lose nothing.

Stripe is a trusted payment gateway currently powering most of your favorite services