A simple, easy to use URL schema to integrate your business with Payment for Stripe.

Easily redirect from any iOS app or website, directly into the Payment app to get paid.

Base URL Scheme

The iOS Payment app recognizes the URL schema starting with: payment://new?amount=2000&currency=usd&description=Cat+sweater&name=John+Doe&email=john@doe.com

Populate a new charge

At the moment, Payment can only populate new charges. payment://new?

Add an amount, in cents: payment://new?amount=2000

Choose a supported currency: payment://new?currency=usd

Add a URL encoded description for the charge: payment://new?description=Cat+Sweater

Provide customer information (optional)

Add an URL encoded name for the customer: payment://new?name=John+Doe

Provide an email address for a receipt: payment://new?email=john@doe.com

Provide a callback URL

Supported in iOS v5.04 or later. Upon a successful transaction, the Payment app will return to your app. payment://new?callback=https://foo.bar.com/hook

In addition to iOS automatically dropping you back to your website, we'll also return a few bits of information including: {
  "success" : true,
  "amount" : 2000,
  "currency" : "usd",
  "chargeId" : "pi_xxxxxx" // from Stripe

From there, you'll be able to retrieve the charge ID, or do any processing and messaging you may need for your customers.

In the event of an error, you may receive a message formatted as: {
  "error" : {
    "message" : "Generic error message",

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