A simple, easy to use URL schema to integrate your business with Payment for Stripe.

Easily redirect from any iOS app or website, directly into the Payment app to get paid.

Populate a new charge

Pass data to Payment to create charges: payment://new?

Add an amount, in cents: payment://new?amount=2000

Choose a supported currency: payment://new?currency=usd

Add a URL encoded description for the charge: payment://new?description=Cat+Sweater

Create an invoice with line items

Alternatively, create a line-item Stripe invoice: payment://cart?

Pass a price id and quantity pair: payment://cart?line_items=price_xxx:3

Or pass along multiple price ids and quantities: payment://cart?line_items=price_abc:3,price_xyz:2

Additionally, you can apply a coupon: payment://cart?coupon=kZjFzekm

Provide customer information (optional)

Add an URL encoded name for the customer: payment://new?name=John+Doe

Provide an email address for a receipt: payment://new?[email protected]

Provide a callback URL

Upon a successful transaction, the Payment app will return to your app. payment://new?callback=https://foo.bar.com/hook

In addition to iOS automatically dropping you back to your website, we'll also return a few bits of information including: {
  "success": true,
  "amount": 2000,
  "currency": "usd",
  "chargeId": "pi_xxxxxx" // from Stripe

In the event of an error, you may receive a message formatted as: {
  "error": {
    "message": "Generic error message"

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