How is the Payment app different than Stripe?

Payment vs. Stripe

These Payment apps and Stripe are separate entities. Stripe is your payment gateway, and is in charge of processing transactions, making payouts and distributing refunds for your Stripe account.

Payment for Stripe is an avenue for collecting payments with your Stripe account, but is a 3rd-party and completely separate company. Here are additional key differences:

Point of Sale
Mobile Payments & Invoicing
Payment (mobile apps)

An extension to your Stripe account enabling mobile payments, invoicing and subscription management.

  • Mobile app based charging
  • Several no-setup card readers
  • 1.2% fee (when creating charges with the app)
  • One-step integration with Stripe
  • Stripe Verified Partner since 2015
  • No additional verification required
  • Data securely stored in Stripe account
  • Email-based support
Email Support
Desktop Dashboard
Mobile Dashboard
Stripe (payments gateway)

The infrastructure for creating payments and sending payouts to your bank account.

  • No mobile app based charging
  • Development required for standalone card readers
  • 1.4% - 2.9%, depending on country
  • Payouts to bank accounts
  • Instant payouts to debit cards
  • Account/business verification
  • Tax statements
  • Email, live chat & phone support
Contact Support
Payment is a verified 3rd party of Stripe. Payment is not owned by Stripe, nor does Stripe have any financial interest in Payment or PocketVendor Inc.