Payment is available in Australia

With support in over 135 countries, Payment and Stripe are your go-to payment solutions.

Supported Card Readers & Terminals
Stripe Reader S700

Stripe's full-featued card reader. This device can either be paired with a mobile device, or run the Payment app as a standalone point of sale system.

WisePad 3
WisePad 3 BBPOS

An advanced mobile card reader with a digital screen and PIN pad.


An advanced countertop card reader with a digital screen.

Tap to Pay on iPhone

Use an iPhone XS or later running iOS 16.4 or greater to accept contactless payments.

Tap to Pay on Android

Accept contactless payments with only an Android device. No terminal needed.

Sell your products

You can sell all of your predefined products with Stripe, right from the app. Inventory will be updated and everything is kept in sync. Take your online business on the road!

Charge in 135+ global currencies

You can collect a Stripe payment with any currency, as long as it is supported by Stripe and your bank account. At the moment, Stripe Terminal is only available in USD for US-based users. Learn more about supported currencies.

Capture customer information

Want to keep track of your customers as well? You can easily attach any customer information to any charge, email a receipt or even verify their billing information.

Tips & Gratuity
Private tipping built in

Run a business that relies on tipping? No problem. Your customers can select any percentage tip they'd like to give.

Stripe is a trusted payment gateway currently powering most of your favorite services