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Thousands of businesses have switched to Stripe for online payments. Payment for Stripe is the perfect point-of-sale for card-present payments. See why Payment is the most popular app built on Stripe.

Stripe is a trusted payment gateway currently powering most of your favorite services
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Why choose Payment for Stripe?

Here are the top 3 reasons businesses choose Payment for Stripe over SwipeSimple.


Card readers for
iOS and Android

With industry leading card readers and a seamless, no-setup integration, you can be in control of the experience. The card readers work flawlessly, unlike the other finicky readers.
Stripe Terminal Reader M2
Stripe Reader M2

A compact yet feature-rich hand-held Bluetooth card reader for when you're on the go.

Stripe Terminal BBPOS WisePOS E
BBPOS WisePad 3

An advanced mobile card reader with a digital screen and PIN pad.


Support for recurring
and one-time product inventory

Sync up your product inventory with your Stripe account. Easily manage your one-time products, with unlimited SKUs, as well as recurring products and subscriptions, all within the same app.
Sell pre-defined items

Payment seamlessly integrates with Stripe's Product system, allowing you to setup as many products and price points as you'd like which can be sold both online and within the app.

Cart-based check out

Add as many items as you need to the cart, apply sales tax and check out instantly!

Recurring Payments

Don't lose another customer. Opt your clients and customers into recurring subscriptions right at the point of sale.

Bill for any cadence, including trials

You can setup any type of subscription: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly as well as add trial periods to all subscription products.


Limited setup. Collect
a payment in 60 seconds.

Payment was built with ease of onboarding in mind. It aims to fit into your process, not to make you conform to a new way of doing things.
Step 1

Download the app

Download FREE Payment app for your device platform.

Step 2

Connect your Stripe account

Connect your Stripe account and start charging customers in less than 30 seconds. No monthly fees or minimums.

Don't have a Stripe account? No worries. It's incredibly easy to setup and free to create an account.

Create Stripe Account
Step 3

Get paid

Normal Stripe Payout schedules apply, which is typically 2-day rolling deposits. Stripe also offers Instant Payouts to a debit card for specific Connect accounts.


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