No-code solution for Stripe

Get started accepting payments quickly, without writing any code

No need for any integration knowledge, developers or coding expertise. Payment is the longest running no-code solution for Stripe.

Step 1

Secure & private log in with a Stripe account

No new user accounts required. Use your same Stripe account that you use with other playforms (like Shopify).

Step 2

Accept Payments!

With several options to get paid from within the app, you can provide flexibility to your customers at the time of sale.

Card Readers

Use any of the Stripe pre-certified card readers to collect payments quickly and professionally.

View Supported Card Readers
Manual Input

Don't want to carry around extra hardware? No problem. You can also manually type in credit card numbers for fast payments.

Live Scan

Not sure about typing? Use your device's camera to automatically scan the numbers from the credit card. No photos are ever stored.

Email Invoicing

Need to collect payment at a later date? Email an invoice with several different payment methods, right from your device.

Invoicing Guide
WeChat & Alipay

Or, use the most popular payment methods in China and around the world. Generate a QR code for secure payments.

QR Codes Guide
Tap to Pay on iPhone

Accept contactless payments with only an iPhone. No terminal needed.

Contactless Payments
Step 3

Get paid

Normal Stripe Payout schedules apply, which is typically 2-day rolling deposits. Stripe also offers Instant Payouts to a debit card for specific Connect accounts.


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