Payment for Stripe Guide

Contactless QR Code payments with WeChat Pay and Alipay

The most efficient way to expand your business into China and Hong Kong. Use the most popular payment systems in those demograhpics to reach more customers.

Activate alternative payment methods

It's easy to get started with QR code-based payments Activate WeChat Pay and Alipay, to unlock the true potential of selling B2C in China and Hong Kong.

QR Code based payments

Use the Payment app in the same way you always did, then provide a QR code for your customers to finalize the payment on their device.

WeChat Pay and Alipay are two of the most commonly used payment methods in China and Hong Kong. In fact, many business may not even accept credit cards, as these contactless methods are the standard.
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WeChat Pay payments via via Balance or Quick Payment

Generate QR codes directly in the app to have your customers scan and verify for payment.


Alipay instant verification with contactless QR codes

Reduce fraud and speed up check out with instant verification.

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