Stripe Terminal Verifone P400

An EMV & PCI-compliant, internet (wifi or ethernet) enabled card reader for both iOS devices. This is the only card reader that works with the Payment for Stripe app.

This card reader will only work in Canada using an iOS device. Android is not supported.

Verifone P400
  • Customizable screens
  • Internet enabled
  • Chip, tap or swipe
  • EMV & PCI-compliant
  • iOS only
  • SCA-ready
Customizable Screensaver

Add your branding to the advanced countertop device to give that extra touch of luxury to your customers.

3rd-party card reader

Card readers that are not purchased via this form will NOT work with the app. Card readers purchased directly from Stripe are an exception.

CA/CAD only

Verifone P400 card readers are for Canadian customers only, when the charge currency is CAD. The card readers depend on your physical location, and will not work outside Canada until Stripe unlocks them.

Additional information regarding Stripe Terminal and the Verifone P400 is available at